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Steve Jobs passed away seven years ago — the iMore show begins on a somber note as the team reflect on his contributions to the world as a technology and creative visionary.

Rene Ritchie, Lory Gil, and Mikah Sargent put on their tin foil hats for a discussion about Bloomberg's bombshell article about chips being secretly placed into servers sold to companies like Apple and Amazon. Both companies have refuted claims made in the article, so what's the truth? The coverup can be worse than the crime. They also talk about Tim Cook's recent statements regarding Apple privacy policies and the lengths they go to protect user data.

Will Apple host an event in October to unveil new iPad and Macs, or will the products receive a simple press release? Finally, Lory and Mikah 'Muricasplain the United States national alert system to Rene. Tune in!

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