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This week, Luke, Karen, Steven, and special guest Rene Ritchie discuss the legacy of the iPod. **Links:** - [Shock iPhone 15 leak claims 2023 could see USB-C coming to iPhone | iMore]( - [After 20 years, the Apple iPod is no more | iMore]( - [iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max screen sizes potentially leaked | iMore]( - [Famed engineer creates world's first USB-C AirPods | iMore]( **Sponsors:** - [Henson Shaving]( A unique design gives a shave so smooth, so effortless, it will make you rethink how shaving should feel. Visit []( - [Alto]( All of the trades. None of the taxes. You can buy, sell, and trade 100+ coins/tokens with just $10 by visiting []( - [Capital One]( Machine learning at Capital One. Capital One. What's in your wallet? **Hosts:** - [Karen Freeman]( - [Luke Filipowicz]( - [Stephen Warwick](

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