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(Note: We've renumbered the episode to #64 to reflect both Phone different and iPhone Live!) Join Dieter, Chris, and Rene for FCC vs. Apple, AT&T, and Google fallout, more iTablet and Apple Music Event rumors, and all the news... and appoplexy! Listen in!
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Join Dieter, Chris, Rene and special guest, Patrick Norton to talk about Revision3's new AppJudgement show, as well as all the latest iPhone, iPod, iTunes, and iTablet news and rumors. Listen in!
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Join Rene, James, and Chris for more iTablet, iPod touch, and iTunes 9 rumors, Apple VP Phil Schiller's email spree, the latest competition from BlackBerry and Microsoft, and all the news. Listen in!
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Join Dieter, Chris, and Rene for iPhone 3.0.1, iProd 1,1 speculation, more App Store craziness, top 5 jailbreak apps, and a dramatic reading! Listen in!
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