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Rumors are afoot for a new braided Lightning cable to possibly accompany iPhone 12. And a twitter-related rumor is that the service may begin offering subscription options for enhanced privacy and features.

Additionally, the team check out pictures from the 2020 iPhone photography award winners. Do you prefer taking pictures with your smartphone, or with an interchangeable lens camera? Or perhaps an advanced compact camera like the Sony RX100?

They also discuss Apple's celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act by highlighting some artists, activists, and more!

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Joe, Georgia, and Lory discuss the recent Twitter hack. It's an issue to take seriously, but is certainly not without some humorous elements.

Software updates from Apple brought some new features and bug fixes across the product lines. The gang have details on some of the most interesting ones, including audio stories for Apple News+ and digital car keys for your sweet ride!

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iOS and iPad OS 14 public betas are here! We have the skinny on how to live dangerously — and if you decide to do so — back up, back up, back up!

There are so many exciting new features to look forward to. Grab your secondary device if you dare. Or better yet, just live vicariously through team iMore!

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