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Things are gearing up to be a very exciting (and expensive) month for Apple and Star Wars fans! An Apple event to introduce the next iPhone and Apple Watch on September 12th is expected to be officially announced soon. Meanwhile, the force of merchandising and augmented reality is set to be unleashed on September 1st, aka Force Friday

In addition, Rene, Georgia, Lory, and Serenity answer listener questions and talk about their recent adventures in scuba diving, eclipse viewing, and planking!

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With Lory out on a pilgrimage to view the eclipse, Rene, Mikah, and Georgia talk about the week’s news and speculation. Security considerations abound regarding Apple’s secure enclave, and an upcoming iOS 11 feature that allows users to quickly disable Touch ID. Plus, the group continues to discuss what they hope to see in the next generation Apple Watch. YOUR questions are answered, and much more!

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The crew welcomes Serenity Caldwell back into the fold after her roller derby adventures and talk about the latest iPhone 8 rumors, the possibility of an LTE Apple Watch, and more!

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Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has uncovered some fascinating details about iPhone 8 by performing an inspection of accidentally released firmware for Apple’s upcoming HomePod device. Rene, Georgia, Lory, and Mikah discuss what we know so far about the next iPhone, and they talk about its infrared facial recognition technology, codenamed “Pearl ID”.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

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