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From the experts at iMore comes The iMore Show — a podcast dedicated to discussing everything Apple. From the latest news and rumors to reviews and personal hands-on experience, The iMore Show aims to provide a place to examine how Apple’s tech fits into our lives, now and in the future.
iOS 4 release, iPhone 4 hits the streets, features we like most, bugs with both, apps that have been updated and iPhone 3G... belated. Listen in!
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What went wrong with the iPhone 4 pre-order? Apple went down, AT&T stayed down, orders got stuck, confused, canceled, and once in a while - processed! If you survived iPhone 4 pre-order day 2010, listen in!
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WWDC 2010 special edition - iPhone 4, iOS 4, iBooks, iMovie for iPhone, FaceTime video chat, and complete event analysis with Dieter, Leanna, Chad, and Rene. Listen in!
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AT&T introduces tiered data plans, Steve Jobs speaks at D8, WWDC 2010 predictions, Slacker 2.0, Documents to Go 3.0, Fishies, and all the week's news, how-tos, and app reviews. Listen in!
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