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Apple announces annual special music event for Sept. 1, Jobs says iOS 4 on iPhone 3G is getting fixed, More on LiquidMetal, and Facebook releases 3 updates in a week. And what does that guitar mean anyway? This is iPhone live!
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Verizon rumors explode, would you switch? Could the iPhone replace your wallet?Sony and Android teaming up to take on iOS. Apple reviewers making fart apps? And what's the deal with iAds? Line up for your podcasts now, folks, this is iPhone live!
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iOS 4.0.2 kills dead, where in the world is the white iPhone 4, next generation iPod touch, Apple licenses Liquidmetal, BlackBerry gets Torched, and iPhone equals sex. Put your Verizon rumors on hold folks, this is iPhone Live!
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We're talking iPhone 4 Jailbreak, zero-day exploits in the wild, next gen iPhone and iPad rumors, and international iPhone l4 launch. Batten down your PDF's folks, it's iPhone live! (Oh, and an iPad live do-over as well!)
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White iPhone delays, state of the bumper give-aways, jailbreak gets nice and legal, Apple TV going with TiVo? 17 more countries about to get iPhone 4. And the death-grip videos. Just. Won't. Stop. Can't attenuate this folks, it's iPhone live!
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Apple's iPhone 4 press conference, 100 million iOS devices sold, the Cerebro meets StarGate room, Apple hates AT&T, won't leave them... except maybe for T-Mo, and x.0.1 updates galore. Put a stake in antennagate people, it's done. This is iPhone live!
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Consumer reports rates iPhone 4 best, but won't recommend. Mainstream media goes wild, Apple releases iOS 4.1 beta and announces a press conference, and antenna's everywhere hold their breath... Plus, apps!
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iPhone 4 one week later, antenna and proximity problems, $99 iPhone 3GS review, does Google have a plan, and multitasking glitches and gaffs. Listen in!
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iOS 4 release, iPhone 4 hits the streets, features we like most, bugs with both, apps that have been updated and iPhone 3G... belated. Listen in!
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iOS 4 release, iPhone 4 hits the streets, features we like most, bugs with both, apps that have been updated and iPhone 3G... belated. Listen in!
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What went wrong with the iPhone 4 pre-order? Apple went down, AT&T stayed down, orders got stuck, confused, canceled, and once in a while - processed! If you survived iPhone 4 pre-order day 2010, listen in!
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WWDC 2010 special edition - iPhone 4, iOS 4, iBooks, iMovie for iPhone, FaceTime video chat, and complete event analysis with Dieter, Leanna, Chad, and Rene. Listen in!
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AT&T introduces tiered data plans, Steve Jobs speaks at D8, WWDC 2010 predictions, Slacker 2.0, Documents to Go 3.0, Fishies, and all the week's news, how-tos, and app reviews. Listen in!
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Steve Jobs keynoting WWDC 2010, White iPhone HD faceplates, more on iChat video, iPhone vs. Android, $97 iPhone 3GS, how do you push, iPhone at work, SSH tutorial, AT&T locks and etf, Chirpy, Bix, Groupon, and LinkedIn. Listen in!
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iPhone live turns 100! Also: iPhone OS 4 goes beta 4, iPhone HD/iPhone 4G goes white, Wi-Fi sync goes jailbreak, and Tweetie goes Twitter for iPhone. Listen in!
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Steve Jobs offers a world of freedom, on cycles and hidden meanings, Walmart getting iPad, MobileMe mail beta, Adobe hearts Apple, top 5 iPad cases, Fieldrunners, Todo vs. Things, Plants vs. Zombies, and more. Listen in!
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Another iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype in the wild, HTC counter-files, AT&T and Verizon, how to downgrade from iPhone OS 4 to iPhone 3.1.3, and the week in apps and games. Listen in!
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iPad goes international on May 28, Steve Jobs explains taxes to the masses, yet more Flash clash, Spirit Jailbreak, and app of the week. Listen in!
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iPhone OS 4 beta 3 brings orientation lock, widget-like iPod controls, and iTunes file transfer. Adobe vs. Apple vs... the USA? How to Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 with Spirit, and all the week's news and app and game reviews. Listen in!
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iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is here, Steve Jobs' thoughts on Flash are clear, Leanna talks Words with Friends, Georgia likes Field Runners, Chad's all over Gowalla, and Rene loves him some Instapaper. Listen in!
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Apple announces WWDC, buys Intrisity, Siri, how do you share your iPhone photos, Chaos Rings, Facebook privacy, BlackBerry 6, HP buys Palm, and all the week's news, how-tos, and apps. Listen in!
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Premiere episode! iPad 3G incoming, camera kit surprises, how to put on a screen protector, iPad typing tips, Hulu, Farmville, Bento, Epicurious, and more! With Rene, Chad, Leanna, and Georgia. Listen in!
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Chad and Rene (with a call-in from Keith) discuss the greatest geek leak in history -- the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G live on the internet. Oh, and the rest of the week's news and apps!
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Join Chad, Georgia, and Rene for international iPad delays, iPhone OS 4 secrets, Apple vs. Adobe, Opera Mini (not Me!), and all the week's news. Listen in!
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Join Rene, Phil, and Keith for post-iPhone 4.0 event analysis on multitasking, app folders, Game Center social network, mail enhancements, enterprise enhancements, iAds, and more. Listen in!
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Dieter, Leanna, and Rene talk iPad launch day, iPad hits and misses, and favorite apps, plus iPhone 4.0 preview. Listen in!
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Chad and Rene discuss the iPad launch, iPhone 4.0 and iPhone G4 rumors, Steve and Eric having lunch, iPhone on Verizon again, and all the week's news. Listen in!
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Chad and Rene discuss Steve Jobs' customer service, iPad approaching, gifting apps, Android goes 4G, and all the week's news. Listen in!
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Chad and Rene discuss iPad pre-orders, GDC 2010, iPhone 4.0 rumors, Google vs. Apple, Windows Phone 7 Series, and all the week's news. Listen in!
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Dieter, Chad, Mickey, and Rene talk Apple vs. HTC, iPad as windows killer, iTunes going to the cloud, and all the week's news and rumors. Listen in!
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Rene, Mickey, and Phil for the great sex-apps rejection, Steve Jobs and Tim Cook speak, iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 3 for iPad, iPhone+AT&T first, Droid+Verizon last, and all the week's news. Listen in!
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Join Chad, Mickey, Leanna, and Rene for our Macworld 2010 wrap-up, WinPho7s, BlackBerry, and Android thoughts from Mobile World Congress, and iPhone 4.0 predictions! Listen in!
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Join Chad, Mickey, and Rene for iPhone 3.1.3, iPhone Gen 4 rumors, iPad fallout, Steve Jobs speaks, and all the week's news. Listen in!
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Join Rene, Dieter, Mickey, and Chad for complete coverage of Apple's iPad introduction, the highlights, what we didn't get, and what it all means for the iPhone. Listen in!
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Join Rene, Chad, and the Cell Phone Junkie Mickey for Apple's "Come see our latest creation" event rumors, iPhone 4.0, iTablet, Windows Mobile 7, and all the week's news and opinion. Listen in!
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Join's Dieter,'s Phil, and Rene for iPhone 4, CES roundup, Palm Pre/Pixi Plus, Nexus One, iTablet, and all the week's news and opinions. Listen in!
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