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Apple announces annual special music event for Sept. 1, Jobs says iOS 4 on iPhone 3G is getting fixed, More on LiquidMetal, and Facebook releases 3 updates in a week. And what does that guitar mean anyway? This is iPhone live!
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Verizon rumors explode, would you switch? Could the iPhone replace your wallet?Sony and Android teaming up to take on iOS. Apple reviewers making fart apps? And what's the deal with iAds? Line up for your podcasts now, folks, this is iPhone live!
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iOS 4.0.2 kills dead, where in the world is the white iPhone 4, next generation iPod touch, Apple licenses Liquidmetal, BlackBerry gets Torched, and iPhone equals sex. Put your Verizon rumors on hold folks, this is iPhone Live!
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We're talking iPhone 4 Jailbreak, zero-day exploits in the wild, next gen iPhone and iPad rumors, and international iPhone l4 launch. Batten down your PDF's folks, it's iPhone live! (Oh, and an iPad live do-over as well!)
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