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From the experts at iMore comes The iMore Show — a podcast dedicated to discussing everything Apple. From the latest news and rumors to reviews and personal hands-on experience, The iMore Show aims to provide a place to examine how Apple’s tech fits into our lives, now and in the future.
Rene can’t believe there are iPhone 9 rumors already. Serenity dives deep into Apple Watch sensors. Lory gives the over-under on WWDC. And Georgia… well, you’ll just have to listen and find out!
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Rene worries about Google Photos and privacy, Lory considers updated MacBooks at WWDC, Mikah weighs Google Assistant, Georgia talks Accessibility for everyone. Listen along!
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Apple’s got a new activity challenge, iPhone 8 has yet more rumors, and dreams of the WWDC 2017 ‘one more thing’ — from Siri Speaker to iPad Pro 2 to new Macs!
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The future of iPad mini, the Apple Watch and wearables, Surface Laptop vs. MacBooks, and more! With Georgia, Lory, Rene, and special guest Daniel Bader.
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Apple Watch two years later — are we using it and how? Apple Home Hub rumors and what we’d want to see in a living room box that’s not Apple TV. Plus, the Faces app gives us Old Man Lory — and Mikah, Georgia, and Rene!
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