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Rene, Richard, and Chris sort through Apple's 2013 product line up and pick the best Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Mac gifts and for who!
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Rene, Peter, Richard, and Ally talk App Store video trailers, iOS 7.1 beta, taking Mavericks back to iOS, iPad Air vs. iPad mini, and more!
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Rene, Peter, and Richard talk all about the middle-of-the-night, online-only Retina iPad mini launch and their first impressions. Also: Mavericks Gmail update, what's better, and what's still broken!
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Rene, Richard, and Ally review Apple's 2013 full-sized tablet, the iPad Air.
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Rene, Richard, and Derek have all returned with the iPad Air! So, how were the lineups, what are they like, how do they compare, and who's still waiting for the Retina iPad mini?!
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