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App Store is bringing responses to reviews, Meitu is junk… but not malicious, and the iPad turns seven. With Serenity, Georgia, Lory, Mikah, and Rene!
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Consumer Reports now recommends the MacBook Pro, but can we recommend CR? Chris Lattner leaves Apple for Tesla, so what about retention? And Don Melton joins us to talk iPhone, 10 years later!
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PCalc developer James Thomson joins us to talk App Store records and realities, LG's not-Apple 5K display, and our New Year's tech resolutions. (Note: We lost an audio file, so this is "iMore Minus Georgia". Sadness!)
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It’s our annual New Year preview spectacular! Join Georgia, Lory, Serenity, and Rene as they discuss their 2017 wish-lists for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, and Apple services!
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